Starting a new Life

In 1995 a young couple from Guadalajara Mexico wanted to start a new life for themselves and their family. They embarked on a journey that would bring them to the United States and keep them here for the following ten years. Their lives were happy. They purchased some property with the little cash that they had and began to build a home for themselves. The father, Pepito,  found work as a general contractor, while the mother, Lucinda Maria worked as a seamstress for a local bridal shop. Together, they made a way for themselves in this country and were living the American dream. Their children were enrolled in school and their oldest son had dreams of becoming a doctor.

Walk a Straight Path in Life

One thing that Pepito always taught his children was to walk a straight path in life. He never stole anything from anyone and has always kept a clean record in this country. Approximately one year ago a knock was heard at the door and an immigration official came in to serve Pepito with papers announcing his deportation. The family was absolutely shocked. They presented the officer with what they thought was their paperwork, green cards and visas. They were beside themselves when they found out that the gentleman that they had paid to process all of their paperwork back in Guadalajara before they left, had taken their money and presented them with fake documents. They never knew about it, because up until this point, no one had ever contested their validity.

Community Volunteers

Pepito and Lucinda are well-liked in their community. They volunteer often at their local church and have raised their children to be law-abiding citizens. They are grateful to the United States for what it has given them. Please sign our petition to keep the Flores family here in America. They are part of what makes our country great and deserve to stay here. Keep the Flores family in this country and keep this country great!

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